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Our Consulting Rate

For time based projects such as developing a digital strategy or general consulting, our Project Fees are performed at    

Between R 500-R 1 500 per hour (depending on staff required)when executing a project  on a hourly basis.

We do however prefer to quote for  projects by defining specific deliverables and outcomes based on our customers requirements at effective reduced project rates which are negotiated on a project by project basis.

Ready Made Packages

Fully functional , relevant and complete Websites are the starting point for any business in the digital world.

Customers need to supply content as required for websites and Online stores , We do the rest.

Product costs for delivering a Website comprises of a initiating fee of R 2000 and R 1750 per Web Page.

To Add a fully comprehensive Online store a once off fee of  R 3500 is charged.

Hosting and support after implementation, R 750 - R 2500 depending on the suit of technologies deployed.

Deposit required is 50% of the delivery cost and the remainder on completion of the project.

Shared Risk Model (SRM)

When our Clients nature of business allow, Our innovative Shared Risk Model is a way to "put our money where our mouths are!".

We develop a fully fledged digital model for our Customers for a share of the revenue ranging between 2% and 5% of Ecommerce revenue without receiving a fee for the project man hours or components provided.

Digital Marketing

Customers often do not have the staff compliment to perform digital marketing activities required once a digital footprint is created. We perform these activities for a monthly retainer ranging from R 2000 to R 15000 depending on requirements:

Activities include:

Maintain Ecommerce Product Offering.

Maintain Website Content and Information.

Facebook Content creation and Postings.

Instagram Content creation and Postings.

SEO (search Engine Optimisation).

Create and Manage Email Campaigns.

Create and expand Subscription Base.

Create and Manage Google Add Word campaign.

Blog posts creation and maintenance.